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Multifunction Led Lcd Driver and led TV back light driver board TV constant current board boost universal modification

Multifunction Led Lcd Driver and led TV back light driver board TV constant current board boost universal modification

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Led Lcd Driver and led TV back light driver board TV constant current board boost universal modification

Uses: 10-42 "LED TV backlight boost board.

Features: Taiwan imported original program manufacturing, BOOST structure, the conversion efficiency of 92% or more, the device fever low, stable product, has a longer life, PCB small size, ultra-thin design to meet the most demanding thin and light requirements, accurate Of the current control error within ± 5%, flexible and convenient current adjustment design can be easily modified to match different manufacturers, models of the screen. Designed to meet EMC requirements, through the CE certification. High reliability, one year warranty! Can use 12V power supply, reduce system cost!

 This product is a constant current board, the focus is constant current, voltage is automatically adapted, depending on the backlight module light string automatically adjust the voltage, such as: the backlight module is 4 and 20 strings when the voltage is adjusted to 3.2V * 20 String = 64V or so, assuming that each string of LED current is 60MA then only need to set the current to 240MA can point this screen.

The use of iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic coil wound system, a higher temperature coefficient, higher magnetic saturation and higher stability. Because the system conversion efficiency is very high, so the device heat is very low, temperature control at 25 ° (Note: Temperature = device surface temperature - ambient temperature), when the environment at 25 °, the surface temperature of the highest 50 ° (working conditions: Input 24V, output 64V480MA.)


Limit parameters:

At 24V input: Vout = 75V Iout = 720mA or up to 60W

At 12V input: Vout = 75V Iout = 400mA or maximum 30W


The limit parameter refers to the product product in the application process maximum bear ability, in actual use please below the limit parameter use, guarantees the product the reliability.


On the installation of the problem

Question 1: installed bright not up?

1. Check the polarity of the cable is correct? LED positive and negative are correct.

2. Measure the supply voltage to see if there is no voltage to the board, the machine boot state to measure the LED + there is no boost, generally higher than the VCC voltage.

3. If there is no boost, please measure the voltage on the ON pin, the normal voltage should be about 3.3V.

4. If the above conditions are normal, then again in the case of shutdown power to measure the LED - the resistance between the series of GND, the normal should be a small resistance, 2 ohms or less.

Check the above steps are normal after the rest is only possible that the problem is the LED light bar.

Question 2: machine bright, but the brightness is not enough?

If the brightness is still not bright enough to measure when the PDIM pin, if the voltage has been adjusted by more than 4V need to change the voltage by other means, it will directly float the foot test What, if the brightness can meet the way by changing the pin voltage to achieve brightness requirements.

If the way through the foot off the brightness is not enough to increase the brightness of the other way through.


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